If your state or city has closed your local gyms, you should keep reading for when they open up again.  If you’re reluctant to give the gym up because of the virus, here are a few tips about gym etiquette and hygiene that will help keep you and everybody else safer and healthier:

Keep Your Hands Clean

It’s amazing how many people forget to wash their hands before and after a workout. It’s often the simplest and most straightforward thing that gets overlooked. The simple truth is that you’re handling gear that’s been touched by hundreds of different people. Washing your hands is always important, but these days it’s more important than ever!

Keep The Equipment Clean

In a vein very similar to the one we just talked about above, it pays to be considerate and wipe the equipment you’re using down when you’ve finished with it. Fully 74 percent of gym members reported in a recent survey that they’ve witnessed people using the equipment and then not wiping it down when they’re finished. Be in the proud minority that thinks more of others!

Shower Right After Your Workout

No matter how careful you are, you should still shower after. Any time you’re in a place with lots of other people, and especially when you’re in close proximity and handling lots of the same equipment, it’s easy to get germs on your body. Don’t risk taking them home with you. Grab a hot, soothing, relaxing shower right after your workout and let the germs get washed down the drain.

There are plenty of other things you can do. Even if all you do is stick to the basics outlined above, you’ll be miles ahead of the game. The world is never going to be done with viruses and harmful germs. Stay healthy out there!

Used with permission from Article Aggregator