Marma Therapy Now Available

The rejuvenative therapy known as marma is now being offered by Dr. Tom Mitchell, who was certified in 2023 as a marma practitioner.

Marma is a therapeutic treatment that was developed in Ayurveda, India’s ancient medical and wellness system that is more than 5000 years old. Marma is a gentle hands-on treatment that both relaxes and enlivens the body and quiets the mind.

Marma therapy reconnects and balances the body’s energetic pathways. By using light touch to treat vital points on the body, the practitioner helps revitalize the prana, or life force energy. Marma points are junctions where the mind, emotions, and physical body intersect. By treating these points subtle blocks are removed, which helps to restore the normal flow of energy (prana) to the organs and tissues. Marma treatment increases vitality, supports the healing process with many health problems, and relieves stress and negative emotions.

If you suffer with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, or other health problems, marma is a restorative treatment that will support your goal of vibrant health.

Dr. Mitchell is excited to offer marma therapy because of its many benefits. Come experience marma for yourself! Call the office today at 919-785-2200 to book an appointment, or you can book online here.