Exercise Helps Your Body And Your MindIt’s common knowledge that exercise is good for you. That’s why doctors and dieticians recommend a sensible combination of both diet and exercise for optimal weight loss. There’s a growing body of knowledge though, that regular exercise has benefits that extend far beyond your body.

Runners have known this for years. The term “runner’s high” describes the sense of euphoria runners invariably get after a certain point. The same basic sense of euphoria can be achieved with most any exercise. It floods your body with endorphins, clears your mind, and makes you better able to act decisively.

Other research has found that simply taking a walk in the woods reduces stress levels.

Stress is driven by the hormone cortisol, which drives your body’s “fight or flight” response. We need this. This is the hormone that gives us a spike of adrenaline if, for example, we’re being chased by a hungry bear.

The problem though, is that in today’s world, not many of us are being chased by hungry bears. Instead, our stress comes from artificial sources. Our jobs. Our hectic schedules and daily lives. This is problematic because it confuses our bodies. We get constantly bombarded with cortisol, which sends our stress levels through the roof, even when there’s no imminent threat.

A walk in nature has been shown to be a natural and effective method of reducing those levels. You just…relax. Unwind. You find yourself more at peace.

All of that to say, absolutely yes. You should exercise for the many health benefits that come with it, but as you do so, understand that you will also be helping your mind. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll think better too, and that’s a key component to overcoming just about any challenge the world might throw at you.