“Without Dr. Mitchell’s help, I would have never been able to enjoy my beloved activities of golf, fishing, walking and swimming. He immediately identified the root cause of my back and muscular problems in one visit and began the appropriate treatments. His expert therapy, adjustments and occasional acupuncture treatments are keeping me in the state of health I desire to stay happy and active in my senior years.”

“Tom Mitchell is the best chiropractor ever! I have seen many chiropractors in my life but Dr. Mitchell is the best. He has a healing power! I walk in feeling pain and leave feeling great. I have sent three of my family members to see him. We all love him.”

“After suffering from tendonitis for several months, I was having difficulty driving, practicing yoga and even holding a book to read. I was considering surgery until I began to see Dr. Mitchell, who massaged my arm and recommended herbal supplements and homeopathy. I’ve experienced slow consistent improvement in my elbow and avoided surgery. I also feel more calm overall and my sleep is much improved. Dr. Mitchell’s encouragement of life changes and herbs has given me the patience and perseverance to stay on a non-surgical path. While treating the original problem with the elbow, he has quietly but consistently impacted other parts of my life in a positive way.”

“My physician prescribed conventional medication for an anxiety disorder but the side effects were difficult. On a recent trip to North Carolina I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Mitchell. He recommended a homeopathic remedy that has been very effective. I am able to sleep better and am better able to control panic attacks.”

“Over the past thirteen years I’ve seen Dr. Mitchell for a variety of problems including back and neck pain, a painful rotator cuff injury, and a severe rash that popped up on my face out of nowhere. I’ve been extremely pleased with his consistent, attentive and knowledgeable care, and have experienced excellent results. I also appreciate how caring his office staff is and their focus on customer service.”

“I was so anxious for years that I started taking Klonopin — and was still having panic attacks. I did a telephone consult with Dr. Mitchell, after which he analyzed my saliva test and recommended a supplement to calm my adrenals. The adrenal support works so quickly, it’s amazing! Within minutes I relax, calm down and I’m able to sleep. It’s made a huge difference in how I feel, and now I’ve finally weaned myself off the Klonopin.”

“When I have occasional sciatica, it has been very debilitating in the past, sometimes for weeks. The only treatment that has resolved the pain quickly is acupuncture, and I felt relief immediately. Within a day or two, I was fully recovered.”

“I was experiencing severe right shoulder pain that quickly limited my strength and range of motion. It was so bad that even when driving, I had to lift my right arm with my left one to place it on the arm rest. I had to get very creative in handling day to day tasks like blow drying my hair and getting dressed. I consulted with Dr. Mitchell very early on in the process and he indicated that I was showing all the signs of “frozen shoulder.” After three or four acupuncture treatments with Dr. Mitchell, the rotator cuff relaxed and the joint became mobile again. Dr. Mitchell is my physician of choice for my low back maintenance and for keeping my shoulders healthy and pain free.”

“I was referred to Dr. Mitchell by my primary care physician during a period of unexpected and intense family stress. Having had acupuncture treatments in the past I had a positive expectation. However, in my experience his amazing rapport and connection to his patients contributed to the results I have received. Each time I have seen Dr Mitchell I have left calm and centered and would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

“Dr. Mitchell revived my quality of life with acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Within two weeks of treatments for hormonally induced headaches, my headaches had virtually disappeared, and they remain gone with the follow-up treatments. I no longer take prescription or over-the-counter medications, and I feel so much better.”

“At a critical point in my life when Chinese herbs, acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments had reached their limitations in treating uterine fibroids, I came across Dr. Mitchell. With his powerful Ayurvedic herbal remedies, Dr. Mitchell became instrumental in saving me from a hysterectomy. I will always remember Dr. Mitchell for his support.”

“I had rosacea with pimples and dry skin on my face since I was a teenager, and I felt very self-conscious. Within two weeks of taking the herbs from Dr. Mitchell, my complexion was noticeably improved. At 65 it is wonderful to finally have a clear complexion!”

“I’d had terrible bowel problems for years. Dr. Mitchell started me on supplements for my digestive system, and I became regular within a week. That’s been amazing.”

“I’ve suffered from periodic low-back pain since I was a teenager, and I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years. Dr. Mitchell is hands-down the best! He will shoot straight and help correct your problem. He cares about his patients and won’t rush out the door. I highly recommend him.”

“For several years I’ve referred patients to Dr. Mitchell for a full spectrum of chronic health problems, including digestive and respiratory disorders and chronic pain. My patients have experienced remarkable results when they take advantage of Dr. Mitchell’s combined expertise in chiropractic, acupuncture and the use of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. Many of these patients have not responded well to traditional drug therapy and others prefer to avoid pharmaceuticals.”

“I came to Dr. Mitchell because I had severe digestive issues along with joint pain, fatigue and brain fog in spite of a vegetarian diet, breathwork, meditation and regular exercise. Dr. Mitchell recommended an elimination diet to uncover the source of the inflammation undermining my health. Within three weeks my symptoms disappeared. He then carefully guided me through a process of reintroducing foods to discover what I’m allergic to. Under Dr. Mitchell’s thorough and supportive guidance, I have more sustainable energy than I have known for many years.”

“I had recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic among several health problems, and I started looking for an alternative healthcare practitioner who could turn things around for me. Less than a month after starting a detoxifying diet and herbal supplements recommended by Dr. Mitchell, my blood sugar returned to normal, I lost 20 pounds, my cholesterol dropped 35 points and my blood pressure came down. I feel much better now, I have more energy and I feel like I’m doing something positive for myself following this program.”

“Dr. Mitchell gave me a homeopathic remedy for head colds that’s amazing! It’s the only thing I’ve ever taken that opens up my sinuses so I can breathe when I have a cold — without side effects. If I take it at the first signs of a cold, it often nips it in the bud so that I don’t come down with the virus.”

“I had severe abdominal pain and gastro-intestinal issues for three years and had numerous medical tests to determine the cause. Although a medical doctor had ruled out gluten intolerance, I intuitively felt that I might have some kind of food issue. I signed up for the detoxification program offered by Dr. Mitchell that includes an elimination diet. After I completed the protocol it was clear that I am sensitive to gluten after all. Now I’m on a gluten-free diet and I feel remarkably better. My stomach pain is gone, I’m no longer constipated, I have more energy and my skin has cleared up. Dr. Mitchell has been wonderful to work with. He’s been very thorough, and he really values the health of his patients.”

“I tried every acne medicine you can name for a severe case of acne when I was in high school, but none of them worked for me. My whole face was covered, and my self-esteem suffered. Finally I tried the herbs recommended by Dr. Mitchell and they did the trick. After taking the herbs daily for several months, my face rapidly cleared. Today, my face is completely free of acne with no scarring. Not only did the herbs clear up the acne, but my self-esteem improved tremendously.”

“I suffered from chronic neck and back pain for years as a result of working in a laboratory, and I never thought I was going to improve until I saw Dr. Mitchell. After only three weeks of taking herbal supplements and receiving chiropractic treatment, the pain was gone. Now I can do the things that mean so much to me such as picking up my daughter and practicing yoga.”

“It amazes me that I can have a brief telephone consultation with Dr. Tom, and he knows exactly what my mind, body and spirit need. I’ve always regretted that he doesn’t live closer because he would be my ‘general practitioner’ if we were in the same city. However, I’ve gotten excellent results from the Ayurvedic herbs and refer him to friends and family with great confidence.”

“I’ve consulted with Dr. Mitchell for 15 years, and I’ve always appreciated his total commitment to his patients. His insights are consistently on target, and the Ayurvedic herbs he recommends have not only benefited my physical conditions but have also uplifted my moods. At one time I had chronic pain in my left knee and seemed destined for surgery. Years later, I am happy to report that by using the Ayurvedic herbs recommended by Dr. Mitchell, I no longer have chronic pain and my mobility is no longer limited.”

“I have been using the Ayurvedic herbs that Dr. Mitchell recommends for more than ten years. As a result, on a daily basis I have more energy, rarely fall ill and experience a sense of inner balance, joy and clarity in the midst of a life that is full of activities and responsibilities.”

“When I started seeing Dr. Mitchell on the advice of my family doctor, my diarrhea was so intense, immediate and unpredictable that I was becoming afraid to leave my house. Within two weeks of Ayurvedic and acupuncture therapy, my digestive problems were nearly eliminated, and the immediate relief I experienced has only stabilized through the past year…. The resolution of my skin issues has been just as remarkable. Within three months of taking the Ayurvedic herbs, my dermatitis cleared up, freeing me of intense itching, burning and raw oozing of my skin. But my best testimonial was yet to come. Shortly after I began treatment I suffered from diabetic retinopathy, the bursting of a retinal vessel in the eye causing blurring of the vision. The standard remedy is laser surgery. However, within three months of Ayurvedic therapy, my ophthalmologist determined that my sight had ‘spontaneously’ restored itself, and that laser surgery will not be necessary.”

“Recently I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, acid indigestion and headaches. And my whole body hurt. After three weeks of suffering from these symptoms, I went to the hospital emergency room. All the tests came back normal, and the doctors said they could find nothing wrong with me. The next day I went to see Dr. Mitchell. He recommended a few herbal remedies and told me how to change my diet. Within five days I was completely fine!”

“Dr. Mitchell suspected my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and confirmed it with testing. His sophisticated testing also found deficiencies in vitamins D and B12 as well as a significant lack of probiotics. We have been working successfully on my thyroid and lifetime digestive problems. I am very satisfied with my healing relationship with Dr. Mitchell, and I have recommended him to a number of people (who have also been helped by him).”

“When I first saw Dr. Mitchell I was extremely anxious and not sleeping during a very stressful period in my life. The anti-anxiety drug that my MD prescribed made me feel even worse. Dr. Mitchell recommended some herbal nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. Within a few weeks I felt better and was able to start enjoying life again. Four years later I am still free of anxiety.”

“I had been tired a lot and sleepy after meals so Dr. Mitchell looked at my blood test results and explained that I was pre-diabetic. After changing my diet and taking his nutritional supplements, I feel so much more energy! I lost 20 pounds, my blood sugar and blood pressure returned to normal and my cholesterol dropped 80 points!”

“I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis. I had such frequent diarrhea with bleeding that I was nervous about going out, afraid I might have a flare-up in public. Dr. Mitchell recommended herbal supplements and changes to my diet that have given me wonderful results. As long as I follow the course of treatment he recommended, I feel awesome.”