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~ José Laguna

“On our healing journeys, there are people we meet who embody both the care and knowledge needed to help us improve. They comfort us not only with the wisdom from their own personal experience, but through their listening. These kinds ...

~ Dawn D., Raleigh

“I don’t know where I’d be without Vaidya Naram and Dr. Tom Mitchell. I used to work out two hours a day, seven days a week, but in 2015 I started experiencing debilitating adrenal fatigue. I could hardly get through ...

~ Renee Foster, Raleigh

“I had been suffering with pain and decreased range of motion in my neck for two and one-half years before meeting Dr. Mitchell. Driving a car and checking in the rear view mirrors, and routine activities involving turning my head ...

~ Joy Cohen

“Nothing relaxes me like Shirodhara. After years of suffering from anxiety, insomnia and an over-active mind, shirodhara — combined with meditation and herbal remedies — has returned me to sanity!”

~ Bob Boberg

“Shirodhara provides a smoothing and softness to both the physiology and consciousness. A boost to relaxation and heath in one treatment. Thank you.”

~ Lisa Werness

“I love shirodhara! It takes the edge off the craziness of life by quieting the mind and softening the impact of sensory overload. I also find that it relaxes my whole body and deepens my connection to myself. I sleep ...

~ Lisa Mitchell

“The first time I met Vaidya Smita Naram in India, she took my pulse before we had any discussion about my list of health problems. Then she reported: ‘You have a block in your right kidney. I’d like you to ...

~ Susan Stimmel, Raleigh

“I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis. I had such frequent diarrhea with bleeding that I was nervous about going out, afraid I might have a flare-up in public. Dr. Mitchell recommended herbal supplements and changes to my diet that ...

~ Hugo Castro, Durham, NC

“I had been tired a lot and sleepy after meals so Dr. Mitchell looked at my blood test results and explained that I was pre-diabetic. After changing my diet and taking his nutritional supplements, I feel so much more energy! ...

~ Arturo Garcia, Raleigh

“When I first saw Dr. Mitchell I was extremely anxious and not sleeping during a very stressful period in my life. The anti-anxiety drug that my MD prescribed made me feel even worse. Dr. Mitchell recommended some herbal nutritional supplements ...


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