you-dontLateral epicondylitis is the technical term for the condition more commonly referred to as “Tennis Elbow.” It can certainly develop in tennis players and those who participate regularly in other racquet-related sports. However, the reality is that regular people who perform repetitive movements with their fingers and forearms suffer from the condition far more frequently.

Any time you perform repetitive motions with your fingers, wrist and forearms, you put stress on the muscles that run from your fingers to the connective tissue at your elbow. Over time, these motions can result in tiny tears, which can lead to inflammation and swelling.

This, in turn, makes continued performance of those motions increasingly painful. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage, making it impossible to perform certain actions at all.

There’s good news, though. The condition is easily treatable and can be reversed, often with just a few treatments by your chiropractor.
Treatment centers around solving three key problems associated with the condition:

• Relieving the swelling around the elbow by reversing the inflammation
• Breaking up any scar tissue that may have formed or be forming in the soft tissue in and around the elbow
• And returning your forearm to normal function

It’s important to remember that although Tennis Elbow can be treated quickly and easily, it is a condition that’s generally slow to develop. It’s not something you can get after a single hard day playing tennis, or a week spent typing nonstop, but over time, these repetitive motions can cause enough damage that it begins to manifest in the form of physical symptoms.

If you begin experiencing a sharp pain in your elbow and you think it might be Tennis Elbow, your best bet is to make an appointment to see your chiropractor right away. You do not have to suffer needlessly!