Strengthen your core!  Strengthen your core!  If you’ve heard those words once, you’ve heard them a thousand times.  It is one of the most often repeated bits of exercise advice out there. The question though, is what’s so great about strengthening your core, anyway?

Why is everybody always recommending it?  Well, as it turns out, there are several compelling advantages to following that advice.  Here are a few:

Improved Balance and Stability

Let’s start with what is perhaps the single greatest benefit to strengthening your core.  When your core muscles are stronger, you’ll find that your balance and stability improves markedly.  That’s because all the muscles in that part of your body (from your pelvis, hips, abdomen and lower back) are all working in concert.  Your body is moving like a well-oiled machine, and that’s going to not only improve your balance, but improve your performance overall, no matter what you’re doing.

Six Pack Abs

Granted, this isn’t a goal for everyone, but if you’ve long desired to have the fabled “six pack abs” then core training is a key component that will make that possible.  Note, however, that you’ll need to combine these types of exercises with other aerobic activity for best results.

No Gym Membership Required

A hidden benefit of doing core exercises is that they can be done just about anywhere.  You don’t need any fancy equipment and you don’t need a gym membership.  You can strengthen your core right from the comfort of home, any time you want.

The bottom line is simply this:  Whatever your personal fitness aims and goals, core exercises can help you achieve them.  While aerobics and weight training are all well and good, supplementing those activities with core exercises will only magnify your results, and that’s a very good thing.