If you lead a busy life, you are most likely taking hours from your sleep or relaxation time to complete your daily tasks.

Sure, life makes it so you have to miss out on sleep sometimes. However, it is important to make enough time for sleep as often as possible.

How many of the things you do every day could be changed or removed from your schedule? Are you neglecting your health and sanity to do things for others when you don’t have time or energy? Don’t try to be a super hero, you need your rest and sleep.

Keep reading this article to find out how your health can be affected by not resting or sleeping enough.

Body weight

Poor amounts of sleep is linked to higher body weight and obesity. Also, getting less than enough sleep is linked to higher appetites and craving to eat frequently throughout the day. If you are in need of losing a few pounds, or if you’re not eating well, you should put sleep at the top of your priority list.

Heart health

Not getting enough sleep leads to heart problems and, in some cases, stroke. If you get less than 7 hours of sleep per night on average, you have an increased risk of heart disease or stroke.

Overall physical health

In addition to the things mentioned above, getting plenty of sleep helps your immune system, mental health, athletic performance, concentration, focus, inflammatory response, and your social interactions. Your relationships with others can be affected if you don’t sleep well. Researchers say that bad sleep habits can affect people’s ability to detect facial expressions, social cues, and other emotional information.

Sick days

Another thing to consider is that if your immune system crashes due to your poor sleep, how many days of work or other tasks will you have to miss out on when you get sick or get an infection? If you are skipping sleep to make it to work, that may not be a good choice. It is a safer bet to keep your immune system in good shape. That is especially in a time like this.

This is just a limited list of some reasons why everyone needs to get enough rest and sleep. It is bad for the body to be in a constant state of activity and mental stimulus.

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