Whether you are at work trying to do your best or you are at home trying to make the most of your days, you are probably trying to be productive.

At the end of each day you probably want to be able to say you did a lot or you got a lot done.

Just worrying about being productive can really be stressful. Add in what you want to get done and it might be overwhelming. This article will help you increase how much you can get done while also reducing the stress you feel about it all.

How to manage your time and reduce stress:

1. Make lists – What is on your mind? What tasks are always running through your head? Write them all down in no specific order. Whatever you write, you can always go back and organize the list later.

2. Stop distractions – Stop reading emails, stay off of social media, and ignore your phone for a while. How much of your stress is caused by excess distractions keeping you from your important tasks? If you need phone calls to stop, turn your phone on airplane mode. Let them leave a message or a text for you to check later.

3. Clean your work area – Just looking at the mess on your desk is enough to make you run away and never come back. So, take 10 minutes to clear it off. Throw away any papers you don’t need, organize and file the papers you do need, and get random clutter where it needs to go. Now you have room and less chaos for your work.

4. Plan for tomorrow (or a future day) – Do you have some especially busy days coming up? Are you planning a party? Are you moving? Is it keeping you from focusing on today? Take a few moments to make some lists and organize your thoughts on the big day coming up. Prioritize the more important aspects of the upcoming days and get those thoughts on paper. That alone might help you feel better.

5. Keep a journal of time – Are you worried you are spending way too much time doing something non-productive? Make an hourly chart and fill in what you do each hour for a day or two. Find out where most of your time goes and make adjustments if you can.

6. Take a break – It may actually be more productive to take a 10 minute break every hour than try to get everything done at once without stopping. Clear your mind, stand up from your desk, stretch, and start up again in a moment.

Hopefully all these good tips will come in handy for you. Relax, do some breathing exercises, and know you are in control of your tasks. You can do this!

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