Sometimes when people want to practice self-care, the task alone is enough to stress them out. Then, they don’t want to even consider it.

Daily life is a constant reminder of what needs done. You want to take a bubble bath? Oh, you better scrub the entire shower first! Doesn’t sound like a relaxation technique does it?

This article will help you get some ideas for ways to practice self care that aren’t a huge pain to do.

1. Music – There is some excellent relaxation music out there. Play it on your favorite speakers. If you don’t have a quiet home, put some earbuds in or some headphones on and discover new soothing music. It only takes the effort of opening your music app and finding some earbuds or headphones.

2. Breathing exercises – Wherever you are, whenever you like, you can relax with simple breathing techniques. In times of stress or impatience, this skill can come in handy. Sit down, close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale using your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat until calm.

3. Lay on the floor – As adults, it is rare for us to lay on the floor at home. That’s what kids usually do right? Well there are a few ways this can be relaxing and helpful. First, laying flat on the floor helps stretch your back out and line your spine up better. Second, being on the floor has a way of changing your mind state and trigger some helpful thought processes. Third, once on the floor, you can use the time to do some light and enjoyable stretches. You’ll feel great!

4. Your future self – Leave gifts or do things for your future self. Support yourself by doing little things to make life easier for yourself in the future. Did you leave a plate on the sink that’s gonna annoy your future self when it is time to clean? Take care of the plate really quick. Do you have to get up early in the morning and wanna help yourself? Choose your clothes the night before and set them out in an easy to find place. Are you going to look for something if it isn’t in the right place? Make sure to put things back where they go so that your future self finds it easy to do every day tasks!

5. Laugh all the time – As often as you can, be sure to seek out laughter. Allow yourself the pleasure of letting loose and not being in total control all the time. Listen to someone’s jokes, watch a comedy show, make your own jokes, or seek out funny videos online. Laughter helps reduce stress hormones.

Be sure that if you follow at least a few of those tips, your life is going to be much more relaxed. Good luck on achieving your new goal of being more relaxed.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator