Have you noticed anyone using hula hoops for their choice of hobby and exercise? You may not have thought much about it, and we’re here to tell you why it is worth considering.

The number of people using hula hoops continues to grow every day.

Whether they’re using them for simple hula hooping on their torso, or using them for extravagant dance performances, it’s a healthy thing to do. We have included just some of the reasons why below.

1. Rewarding – If you have the right guidance and have the right hoop, hula hooping can be extremely rewarding. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial to you. A large percentage of hula hoopers do it for the natural highs they get. The term for this phenomenon is the “flow state”. Hoops are known for helping people reach it.

2. Interesting and Versatile – Anyone who tries this activity can do something different with it. The choices range from simple on-body hula hooping to doing hand stands while the hula hoop spins on their foot. A very popular form is to use the hoops to dance, as a tool of self-expression. As an extra benefit, no dancing is required to do this, either. It all depends on the user.

3. Suited For Everyone – As long as each person gets a hoop that is recommended for them and they are given some basic instructions, hoops can be for anyone. As a basic tip, adults should try using a thicker, heavier hoop. They are approximately 38-42 inches in diameter and are sometimes called a “beginner hoop”. If adults attempt to hula hoop using a kids hoop they got at Walmart, they are most likely going to fail.

4. Low Impact – This benefit is in comparison to common exercises such as walking, hiking, running, or jump-rope. Hula hooping requires little to no jumping, squatting, or running (unless you wish to). Most basic hooping just requires you to stand in one general area. This will reduce the impact on your knees, hips and bones. Some things can be done from a seated position and in a relaxing manner.

Where To Begin:

Try a few different Google searches to see what resources are available to you. Begin with terms such as “Where to buy  a beginner hula hoop”. Search YouTube for “How to hula hoop”.

After that, you should be well on your way to learning all you need to know. Good luck on your new hobby!

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