Are you looking to start eating healthier this year?  If so, you’ve probably done all the usual things:  Cut back on processed foods, started eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and adopted something that vaguely resembles the Mediterranean Diet.

Those things represent a great start, but there are several newly emerging trends in the world of healthy foods. If getting (and staying) healthy is high on your list this year, then consider checking out some or all of the following:

Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been in the news and on a variety of health blogs for a few years now, with experts from around the world touting its many benefits.  Now, some healthy and hip companies are taking things to the next level by offering a carbonated apple cider vinegar drink that’s tangy, crisp, and delicious.  KeVita was one of the first companies out the gate to offer this new, healthy drink, and if you’re already a fan of apple cider vinegar, then it’s well worth a taste!

Grass-Fed Cultured Butter

A few years ago, grass-fed beef was all the rage, and now the same enthusiasm has spread to butter.

You’ll find that it has a similar taste and texture to the butter you’re used to, but is loaded with more Omega 3s, vitamins and minerals your body needs. On top of that, it’s full of healthy bacteria which promotes better gut health.  What could be better than that?

Shio Koji

This fermented liquid from Japan is starting to appear on American store shelves.  Made with malted rice, it’s got a flavor that’s strangely reminiscent of salted meat with just a hint of sweetness.  It makes a fabulous marinade and works well with any type of meat, or works as a bit of extra flavoring for sauces and soups.  Try it, you’ll love it!

If healthy is your game, any of these will help you put points on the board!