what_should_i_do_if_i_fallHave you seen those YouTube video compilations of people falling in spectacular ways? You probably have. We almost can’t help but laugh at the video footage, but of course, what happens next is no laughing matter. Falls like that can really hurt!

Yours doesn’t have to be as spectacular as some of the ones you’ll find on the videos mentioned earlier in order to be taken seriously, and should you suffer a fall, the first order of business is to make sure nothing’s broken. If you’re not absolutely certain, then head to your doctor’s office or the ER to get an X-ray so you know, because that’s going to determine your next steps in terms of treatment.

Assuming nothing’s broken, your next call should probably be to our chiropractic office. Between the time you place the call to our chiropractor’s office and the time of the appointment, be sure to apply ice packs to any parts of your body stiff, swollen, or sore, courtesy of the fall you suffered. That will help leach out the swelling and reduce inflammation, which will make it easier for us to treat you.

On the day of your appointment, you’ll be given a thorough exam, and be asked a number of questions about the circumstances surrounding the fall. Even if the details are a bit hazy (and they might be), answer as completely as you can, because this too, will ensure that your injuries are properly understood and treated.

Nobody likes being on the sidelines of life, and a painful fall can certainly put you there. The good news though, is that your chiropractor can help reduce, and ultimately eliminate the pain you’ll undoubtedly be in, in the days immediately following the fall, and can get you back in the game before you know it.