This winter is going to be interesting in terms of staying healthy and working out.

If your gym is still open and you still aren’t ready to go back, there are plenty of things you can do at home that may satisfy you just as much.

Not only can you get a good workout at home, you can experience some new things offered by the health and wellness world. This article includes some of the newest health and fitness trends for winter 2020.


There are some new rowing machines being sold for home use, including the Hydrow. It comes with a touch screen and speakers, Bluetooth, a handle, and more. Rowing machines are great for working out your legs, feet, arms, hands, core, and back all at once. They are relatively small, especially in comparison to a treadmill. If this excites you, look up some rowing machines for home gym use!

Red Light Therapy

This brand new form of therapy can boost your mood, your energy, and sleep quality. It may improve how your skin looks, and help with fitness and endurance. It can reduce pain, stress, inflammation, and body fat. Expect to see more red light therapy devices released soon.

Lymphatic Health

There has been a rise for the past 3 years in awareness of how important the lymphatic system of the body really is. This year, there is going to be an increase in spas that will offer treatments and services for the lymphatic health for its customers. They will be using massage techniques to help the system flow and move as it should. If someone is sick or inactive, their system can get backed up, and fluids can build up in the body. The lymphatic system staves off disease, reduces inflammation, and promotes digestion when it is functioning properly. Keep your eyes out for these services.


If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we must take care of ourselves, or we fall apart or get sick. You may picture extravagant bubble baths with candles and the lights off, music playing. However, self-care is much more than finding comfort in silence and privacy. Self-care also includes forming habits that help you, or getting rid of old habits that harm you. Social distancing and closed attractions may have led to a much better understanding of ourselves. It slowed things down, and gave us perspective. Caring for yourself and giving yourself a life you want to live is so important to your health. Dance, sing, laugh, be silly, and smile every time you feel like it.

This year is helping us realize what is important, and what we can be doing differently to help ourselves. Enjoy!

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