You may have been to the circus, a high school talent show, or somewhere else when you have seen someone juggling.

It is one of those things everyone wishes they could do, and only a handful of people decide to learn.

It is really good for the brain to operate on the left and right sides, and it can improve your coordination and reflexes by a good amount.

Did you know, though, that juggling can be great exercise? Find out why below!

  • Similar to walking, juggling can burn about the same amount of calories, coming in at 280 per hour.
  • Constant arm movement actually works out your upper body. Just like you use walking to work your legs, you can use juggling to work your arms and hands.
  • While you are juggling, you engage your core muscles to stay balanced.
  • After learning to juggle against a wall, you might walk forward and backward while you learn to stay in one place. If you don’t want to fall over, you will use your core to balance.
  • Juggling can lubricate your joints in your arms and shoulders and help keep them moving freely with less pain. It is also a great way to get coordination and strength in your hands.
  • Juggling is an easy thing to do anywhere. You only need to keep your 3 balls with you and you’ll always have the option to juggle to stay entertained or work out between tasks.
  • All age groups and body types can do it.
  • It is a low impact exercise that won’t over-use the knees or ankles as much as running, jumping, dancing, or sports can.

Not only is juggling a great option, but there are many other options for you to choose from that are similar. You may not find juggling very appealing, and that is totally fine. Check google and websites for information on other flow arts. You can find exercises including silk fans, poi, hula hoops, rope darts, and more. Make sure to look up the benefits and videos of each type, and choose the right one for you!

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