Knowing what to eat when you have diabetes can be a big challenge. If you make a mistake and eat the wrong things, it could be a dangerous thing.

The good news is that many cases of type 2 diabetes can be preventable or even reversible.

Whether you don’t have it and want to keep it away, or you do have it and want to undo the damage, this article should help you. Here are some tips for how to prevent or reverse diabetes and the right ways to eat.

Exercise and weight loss are important for a diabetic. If you can lose just 5-10 percent of your total weight, you will experience reduced blood sugars, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.

Losing a bit of weight may help you continue to exercise. The less weight you have when you run, jump, climb stairs, or move will help you do it all much easier. Imagine carrying a 15-20 pound backpack during a run. Not much fun right? What if you lost 15-20 pounds of body weight? It is a similar idea. Less weight to carry makes it easier to do anything.

If you are unable to lose weight or your doctor has not told you to lose weight, disregard the previous section and keep reading. Even if you have already lost weight and want to go the next step, keep reading.

A diabetes friendly diet:

1. Vegetables and fruits cooked and prepared in a way you enjoy
2. Whole grain bread and cereals with fiber, or oatmeal
3. Healthy fats from fish, olives, nuts, and more
4. Turkey or chicken (low fat)
5. Eggs, yogurt, dairy, and beans

What to avoid when you have diabetes:

1. Deep fried foods or trans fats
2. Chips, baked goods, desserts, and sweets that are packaged and processed
3. Sugar filled cereals, white breads, rice, or refined pasta
4. Red meat or processed meat (such as lunch meat)
5. Fat free or low fat foods that replaced fats with more sugar (some yogurt)

If you are feeling deprived and absolutely can’t stop yourself from eating one of the bad foods, make sure you get some exercise to burn the sugars a bit faster and prevent a high blood sugar episode. Learn to bake and cook your own foods. Replace the bad ingredients with healthy substitutes. Instead of adding white sugar, maybe add some fresh ripe fruit to your food instead.

With these tips, you should find living with diabetes to be much more simple.

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