If you have never tried joining a group exercise class, you may be missing out.

While it may not be for everyone, it is still wise to consider giving it a good try. Even if you are introverted and pretty shy, you may form a close bond with a few of your class mates.

There are quite a few reasons why exercising with other people can be beneficial and exciting. We have listed them below.

1. Making Friends – As mentioned in the introduction, you may actually become close friends with the people you meet at your exercise class. Not only are they there for similar reasons as you, but they are likely to have the same interests as you. After all, you did choose the same class, right?

2. Everyone Is Accountable – If you continue going to a group class with your friends, each of you can hold the other accountable for attending. Your friends can motivate you or convince you to go on days you just want to be lazy. You could all celebrate when you have attended a certain number of classes in a row.

3. Extra Help – Your new exercise friends can help you catch up if you joined the class a bit late. They can show you what you’ve missed and get you in the groove of the class. Whether it be a spin class or dance class, they will support you.

4. In This Together – When the class gets hard and you struggle to get through, your friends are there with you. Sometimes that’s all you need to know to help you achieve your goals. You can make silly faces at each other to get through, or take a break together so don’t feel alone when you can’t continue.

Even if you don’t make deep relationships with the people in your class, they can still help and inspire you. Maybe get some ideas by watching those in the class that do really well. Life is a learning experience, and it is wise to gain as much knowledge as you can from everyone you meet.

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