When it gets hot outside, kids love nothing better than Slurpies, ice cream, popsicles, and other sweet treats like that.

When they’re indoors with air conditioning playing video games and the like, they love reaching for salty chips and the like.

It’s easy to see the attraction.  All of those things are delicious.  Unfortunately, they’re all incredibly unhealthy.  If you’re looking for ideas on how you can treat your kids to delicious snacks but keep things on the healthier side, then this article is for you.  Below, we’ll outline a few ideas!

Fresh Fruit

Sweetness, the way nature intended!  There are a nearly endless number of options where fresh fruits are concerned, from strawberries, to cranberries, blueberries and more.  If you’re not sure which ones your kids prefer, mix and match to try them all.  If you want to add a bit of salty goodness to the equation, pair small servings of salted nuts with your fresh fruit offerings.

Veggie Trays

You can make these yourself, but there are so many great pre-made ones to choose from on the market that it’s almost not worth the time and trouble. That is, unless your kids have very specific tastes you want to cater to.  Whichever option you choose, veggie trays are a versatile, great tasting alternative to conventional snacks.

Yogurt Cups

A cool, delicious alternative to ice cream.  In fact, if you want to spice things up a bit, mix in a bit of fresh fruit with your yogurt offerings and use the yogurt as a fruit dip.

As you can see based on the snack ideas above, it’s easier than you might think to provide healthier alternatives to your kids.  They’ll enjoy the diverse array of flavors and textures and you’ll have greater peace of mind because they’ll be eating healthier.  That’s win-win.