These days, you must try really hard to avoid seeing or hearing about the latest fad diet.  On a near-constant basis, we’re bombarded by people promising amazing results with minimal effort.  It’s easy to see why so many people get taken in by the hype and jump on the fad diet train.

Unfortunately, many of these diets are unhealthy and some of them are outright dangerous.  Even if they do cause you to lose weight, most people don’t stick with them in the long term, either backsliding or shifting to the next fad diet.  In both cases, the end result is that most of the weight you lose initially winds up being put right back on.  It’s a vicious cycle and it can be very hard to break.

There’s only one way to lose weight and get healthy. Despite the constant attention fad diets get, almost everybody knows what they need to do.  It’s just not very popular or attractive.

The secret to weight loss and better health is the same as it’s always been:  Eat healthy, eat less and stay active.

Eating healthy comes down to embracing fresh fruits and vegetables and using those as your dietary mainstay. You must then supplement with small amounts of lean meat, and avoiding processed foods as much as possible.  Basically, if it comes out of a box, stop buying and eating it.

Eating less is self-explanatory but something that a great many people struggle with.  One simple trick you can employ on that front is to simply use a bread plate rather than a full-sized dinner plate.  It’s a surprisingly effective psychological ploy that yields impressive results.

Finally, staying active is something most people intuitively understand but have trouble committing to.  Start small, and start modestly.  After all, every little bit helps and even if you’re only getting ten minutes of exercise a day, if you were getting none before, that’s a step in the right direction!

In any case, the answer is to steer clear of those fad diets.  They almost always do more harm than good.