Back pain is a common ailment, and most people have simply resigned themselves to it.  Nearly everyone in America will, at one point or another during their lives, experience back pain.  The causes are many and varied, but one often overlooked culprit is the mattress you sleep on every night.

How do you tell though?  Here are a few tips, tricks and pointers you can use to identify if your mattress is contributing to your back pain and how to minimize its impact:

Simple Mindfulness

We’ll start with the basics.  It benefits you to pay attention to exactly when your back pain seems to flare up.  If you have trouble getting a decent night’s sleep and when you wake up every morning, you feel a twinge of pain getting out of bed, that’s a clear sign that your mattress may be at least part of the problem.

Look For Obvious Signs

If you do wake up each morning in pain, inspect your mattress closely before you make the bed.  Are there places that sag?  Are there lumpy areas?  If so, that’s another clear indicator that your mattress is at least part of the problem.

Fortunately, this is an easy issue to address, or at least prevent.  Every month or so, flip or turn your mattress so that you wear it out evenly.  Over time, the springs and coils will begin to break down in the areas that are supporting your weight.  By changing the orientation of your mattress at regular intervals, you can extend its useful life, and minimize your back pain as you bring firmer areas of your mattress into active use.

Mind Your Weight

Maybe you’ve gained weight since you first purchased your mattress.  While the firmness of the mattress may have been fine when you initially made the purchase, your increase in weight may be causing it to break down more quickly, contributing to your pain problem.

The Age Of The Mattress Matters

In some instances, older is better.  That’s definitely not true where mattresses are concerned, however.  If your mattress is more than five years old, it’s almost certainly contributing to whatever back pain you’re feeling.  In that case, the solution is simple – it’s time for a replacement.

Back pain is no laughing matter, and anything you can do to minimize its severity and impact on your life is a very good thing.  Pay attention to your mattress.  It may be a bigger factor than you first realized.