School’s out and it’s time for summertime fun!

What kid (big or little) doesn’t love summertime?  From a child’s perspective, it’s the perfect time of year.  No school.  Relaxed rules.  Relaxed schedules.  What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to take things too far, and that can have detrimental effects on your child’s health.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your kids of all ages healthy during the long, lazy days of summer:

Scheduling Matters

It’s fine to have one (or several) goof off days during the summer.  That is, after all, part of the charm of the season.  You don’t have to be a killjoy to impose a little structure on the long break from school.  We don’t recommend waking your kids up at the crack of dawn like a drill Sargent.  Let them sleep in a little (you could probably use a bit of that too!).

At the same time though, do try and keep your children on a schedule.  It’s fine if there’s a bit more slack in it, but growing bodies need plenty of sleep, and sticking close to regular bedtimes, even if it’s on a “relaxed, summer schedule” will go a long way toward making sure they get the rest they need.

Limit The Junk Food At Home

While it’s true that kids at home all day do a lot more “grazing,” and it’s true that their preferred snacks aren’t at all healthy, you can easily mix in some healthy-ish alternatives with the pure junk food, and every little bit will help.  The less junk they eat during the summer, the fewer health and weight problems they’re likely to have.

Pack Snacks When You Go On The Road

It’s all too easy when you’re traveling for vacation to stop at the local Dairy Queen or burger joint for some food on the go.  That’s fine once in a while as a treat, but the better approach is to plan ahead and pack your own healthier snacks.  It’s an “on the go” version of the idea we mentioned above.

Planned Activities

Too often these days, kids are inclined to stay indoors – don’t let them!  Encourage and plan a variety of activities that see them spending lots of time in the great outdoors, romping and having fun.  That’s good, and healthy for everyone!

Staying healthy during the summer months doesn’t have to be boring.  With a bit of applied creativity, everybody will have a great time, and avoid developing unhealthy habits at the same time.  That’s win-win!