How Does Touch Help Your Overall HealthAhhh, touch. Skin to skin contact. It’s so soothing, but that raises an interesting question. Is it mind over matter, or does touch have actual health benefits?

Most people would be quick to write off any potential health benefits, saying that touch, in the form of a massage, for example, is simply a distraction that pulls your mind away from your aches and pains, but it doesn’t actually “do anything.” Interestingly though, all kinds of touch, massage included, have a whole raft of health benefits. Here are some of the findings:

Where newborn babies are concerned, those who were held against their mother’s skin, versus being swaddled in a blanket before being held had lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and cried 82% less often. Teachers report that children with ADHD who were given massage therapy were more attentive and less disruptive in their classes.

Massage has proven to help ease anxiety. If you’re trying to break a habit like smoking, massage (even self-massage) can help take the edge off the cravings you’ll invariably feel. There’s even been one remarkable study that linked regular massage with improved immune function in women with breast cancer. How fabulous is that? Get a massage, help fight cancer – talk about win-win!

Did you know that one of the services offered by most chiropractic offices is therapeutic massage? It’s true, and that’s just one more reason to consider scheduling an appointment. Almost everyone can benefit from periodic adjustments and the soothing effects of a massage.

Don’t wait until you have a problem to set up your appointment. If you do that, then you’re putting your body through undue stress. Besides, people who get periodic adjustments throughout the year tend to be healthier, happier and lead less pain-filled lives.