Can Chiropractic Care Help With AddictionAt first glance, the question posed by the title of this piece might seem strange. How can chiropractic care help with addiction? The two seem to be totally disconnected with one another. On closer inspection though, it becomes apparent that a regular regimen of chiropractic treatment can be a powerful tool if you’re struggling with addiction. Here’s how:

Millions of Americans struggle with opioid addiction. The single largest contributing factor to the nation’s opioid addiction epidemic is prescription painkillers in all their various forms. The medical community prescribes (and honestly, probably over-prescribes these) to people who suffer from pain, and especially chronic pain, in order to help them manage it.

Unfortunately, these types of medications are problematic in two ways, both of which make the nation’s addiction problem worse.

First, the active ingredients in most of these medications activate the addiction centers in your brain. They make you feel good, and your brain starts to crave that. Second, your brain tends to fool you. Over time, your body may heal, but your brain knows that if it sends false pain signals, even after the pain’s gone, you’ll take more pills, which is what it’s craving.

Taken together, this is a powerful one-two punch that makes it much more likely that you’ll wind up getting (and staying) hooked on powerful prescription painkillers.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective way to gently attack the source of your chronic pain, and over time, by bringing your body back into alignment, you can rid yourself of it altogether.

There is, of course, an adjustment period needed. Your brain will try to trick you into thinking the pain is still there in a bid to get you to take more pills, so you’ll want to wean yourself off of them slowly, but yes, chiropractic care can absolutely help if you’re struggling with addiction.