You may have already heard that swimming is a very good choice for exercise. As it turns out, that is a true statement.

Before we explain the benefits of swimming, we’ll explain where you can begin searching for pools or swim areas to use.

You can start by finding out if your local YMCA, high schools, or colleges have open swim time in their pools. If they don’t, find out if other nearby cities may have some. You could find another place within 20 minutes of home if you’re lucky.

If it is summertime, search and ask around about public pools. If you are lucky, you will have a friend or family member with a swimming pool. If none of these will work for you, try to find a clean water lake or pond to swim in.

1. Makes Your Heart Stronger – Your heart will benefit from swimming because it is an aerobic exercise. It also helps reduce inflammation. This will help it pump better.

2. Makes Your Heart Work Better – Swimming actually makes your heart stretch out a bit and get slightly larger. This helps more blood flow through your heart, giving your body better blood supply.

3. Low Impact – If you are submerged in water past your shoulders, the water holds 90 percent of your body weight. This reduces almost all of the pressure on your joints and bones. This activity is good for anyone with arthritis or painful, stiff joints.

4. Makes Your Lungs Stronger – Swimming increases the size of your lungs and makes them stronger. The more air you can get into your lungs, the more oxygen gets through your body. That helps you keep your energy levels up so you can keep exercising.

Swimming is lots of fun and very healthy. Everyone should know how to swim in case of emergency. If you choose to swim outdoors, try adding a hike to your plans. If you hike to your swimming spot, you’ll be more than ready to dive into the water to cool down.

We hope these tips help you in your health and wellness journey.

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