More and more people these days are working in office environments, and you might think that the worst potential injury you’d have to face in that setting would be a papercut or a poke from an errant staple. You’d be surprised what else could actually happen.

According to the most recent statistics we have, about twelve people a day die in on-the-job accidents, with more than three thousand nonfatal on-the-job accidents occurring daily. Even if you’re careful, sooner or later, this could catch up with you.

The “big three” workplace injuries are as follows:

• Overexertion/overextension
• Slips and falls
• Contact with other equipment

Below, we’ll offer some quick tips on how to avoid all three so as to minimize your risk!

Overextension or Overexertion

Here, the biggest issue is improper bending and lifting. Preventing these types of injuries comes down to mindfulness, and taking the time to bend and lift properly. If you’re lifting something heavy, don’t just bend over and pick it up, but stoop, and let your legs bear most of the burden. Most people already know this, but it’s a thing so easily forgotten when you’re in the middle of the work day and just looking to get things done.

Slips and Falls

This one comes down to paying attention and being aware of your surroundings. It may seem silly to think about walking and where you’re stepping. After all, you’ve been walking for decades. If there’s one thing you’ve mastered by now, that’s probably it, right?

Even so, you’d be surprised, and it only takes one second of inattention for you to wind up on your butt or face plant into something, both of which embarrassing and painful!

Contact With….Stuff

This is a big category that can encompass just about anything. If you’ve ever burned your hand on the coffee pot, or by reaching into a printer to clear a jam, then you’ve encountered this kind of injury before. While many are minor, depending on the type of equipment you’re working with, some can cause serious injury or even be fatal.

Avoiding these kinds of injuries comes down to always wearing the proper protective gear, not sticking your fingers (or other body parts) into anything that you don’t have a clean line of sight into, and making sure any equipment you’re working on is powered down before you get too deeply into it.

If the worst happens, and you do suffer an injury, don’t ignore it! It’s always better to be safe and have the injury checked out!