“When I started seeing Dr. Mitchell on the advice of my family doctor, my diarrhea was so intense, immediate and unpredictable that I was becoming afraid to leave my house. Within two weeks of Ayurvedic and acupuncture therapy, my digestive problems were nearly eliminated, and the immediate relief I experienced has only stabilized through the past year…. The resolution of my skin issues has been just as remarkable. Within three months of taking the Ayurvedic herbs, my dermatitis cleared up, freeing me of intense itching, burning and raw oozing of my skin. But my best testimonial was yet to come. Shortly after I began treatment I suffered from diabetic retinopathy, the bursting of a retinal vessel in the eye causing blurring of the vision. The standard remedy is laser surgery. However, within three months of Ayurvedic therapy, my ophthalmologist determined that my sight had ‘spontaneously’ restored itself, and that laser surgery will not be necessary.”

~ Wilda Fisher, Cary, N.C.