UPDATE July 2020

  1. A sign is posted on the door in English and Spanish asking patients to avoid enteringif you have a cough, symptoms of a cold, flu, or other viruses. Reschedule by phone.
  2. Please wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, please call the office when you arrive and we will bring you one. Upon entering,we will take your temperature to ensure that no one stays with a fever.
  3. Only one patient (or family) is allowed in the waiting room at any time. If you enter when another patient is waiting, we’ll ask you to wait outside on the hallway bench or in your car, and we’ll alert you when Dr. Mitchell is available.
  4. You no longer have to sign in when entering the office, so you can avoid using pens.
  5. New patients can use your own pens for paperwork, but if you need to use an office pen, it will have been wiped down after prior usage. We email the forms to patients when you schedule your first appointment in advance.
  6. I’m wiping down each adjustment table with disinfectant before every patient treatment.
  7. I’m wearing an N-95 mask while patients are in the office, and my staff are also wearing masks.
  8. We’re wiping door handles, counter, and desk surfaces with disinfectant several times a day.
  9. You are no longer required to sign the credit card machine when checking out.
  10. Telephone consultations are available to discuss any health concerns. Please call the office at 919-785-2200 to book a telephone consult. A telephone option is not available at our web site scheduler.