To be truly healthy, you must regularly exercise and get that blood pumping.

At first, it can be exciting and invigorating to begin a new workout regimen. However, it can become tedious and feel more like an obligation than a healthy activity.

We’ve all experienced the struggle of getting bored of our exercise routine. This article will help to give you some new, refreshing ideas to keep your interest. These tips will motivate you to continue a long habit of getting the movement your body needs.

Fun and motivating workout ideas:

1. Join an online group class – Other people can be extremely motivating and exciting when involved in your exercise routine. They can teach you how to do new things. They are supportive, enthusiastic, and happy to see you moving your body. If you allow them, these group class members can become your best friends and extended family. Search Facebook, YouTube, or other internet sites for online exercise classes.

2. Hula hoops, juggling, and other circus activities – One of the biggest mistakes we make as adults is that we stop playing. Play is critical to continue throughout your teenage and adult years, and you should not stop just because you aren’t a kid anymore. Not only are these activities fun, but there is a huge variety of choices with versatile benefits to your health. If this piques your interest, start with a google search of “flow arts” or “circus arts”.

3. Involve your dog – If you own a dog (or several), they will benefit from exercise. Keep your best friend happy and healthy with frequent adventures. If you can’t get motivated to move for yourself, your family pet(s) are a great reason to keep at it. Dogs are so much fun and can keep you smiling and laughing during your workout. Try going on a hike with them.

4. Learn to dance – I know most of you are probably thinking about how scared you are about looking like a fool while you try this suggestion. However, that fear really doesn’t help you, and may be preventing you from being healthier than you’ve ever been in your life. Dance is unbelievably good for you and your whole body. No one is born knowing how to dance, and it is never too late to start. Start looking into some dance tutorials, take a class, or get a video game based on helping you learn to dance.

5. Get video of your routine – Not only will this help to motivate others, but it has other benefits! You can hold yourself accountable by recording and/or posting your video to social media. You can view your videos and make sure you are doing your exercises correctly. You can view the ways your exercise can be improved, sped up, or slowed down. Your followers might become inspired to start exercising just like you!

With these tips and a bit of bravery, you are sure to start changing your life and becoming much healthier and happier with your activities!

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