It is rare to find a happy and healthy person that doesn’t have a good selection of other happy and healthy people around them. The people you choose to spend your time with (and the people you are forced to spend time with) help shape you into a whole person with a unique set of habits, behaviors, and thoughts.

If you are looking to achieve relationship wellness, this article can provide some helpful information.

Relationships are one of the most basic human needs. Humans need to feel like they belong, like they have support, and that they are loved. If a relationship is making us feel like we don’t have support, like we aren’t loved, and that we don’t belong, our life is going to be miserable and it is going to affect our health. In bad relationships, the body is in a state of fight or flight. This stress response is not healthy in high quantities. If you are in a bad relationship with a friend, family member or significant other, your health can be at risk.

Some relationships are nearly impossible to escape. However, in theory, everyone should be constantly evaluating the people in our lives so that we can keep the good and get rid of the bad. To keep your health high and keep your happiness, ask yourself these questions about those you are close to. Then, formulate your own questions based on what you were thinking when answering these questions. Don’t forget to ask yourself how your own behaviors or actions line up with the questions below.

  • Do they communicate properly with you and are they fair, honest and gentle?
  • Do they provide support to you in times of need?
  • Do your conversations leave you feeling better and understanding the person?
  • Does the person leave you feeling confident and secure, or are you often scared or confused by their behaviors or words?
  • Do you feel physically and mentally well when they are around?

Humans are made of flaws, and some people have more flaws than others. If you have relationships that are hurting you or making you feel sick, it might be time to explore ways to get away.

It helps to speak to a therapist, counselor, or other similar professionals. Many people aren’t sure how to detect the red flags in relationships, so it helps to talk to others when possible. Reach out to people and you will be surprised how they might help. Build your life with good relationships, and keep yourself safe. This is a great start to achieving complete wellness in your life.

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