The winter blahs, cabin fever, stuck inside?

This is a terrible atmosphere to want to get up and exercise!

It’s cold, you’re cozy and safe on the couch, and the TV is calling your name.

You realize you haven’t worked out in a week and you’re starting to get anxious. You think it’s time to take care of your body again. You should, and here is how!

This article has some secrets about how you can not only be motivated to work out in winter, but actually enjoy it.

Getting there is most of the battle – If you’ve ever noticed how good you feel once you’ve finally got to the gym or wherever you work out, you realize the hardest parts about it were getting up off the couch or your bed, getting ready, and getting to the workout destination. Just that process can get your blood pumping enough to keep you ready to go all in.

Include a friend or family member – It is easier to hold yourself accountable when another person is involved. They can help motivate you and support you, and vice versa. If they don’t want to skip the gym, you’re more likely to want to join them. If you are alone, you’re probably gonna convince yourself not to go. Have them pick you up in their nice warm car if you need them to, or vice versa.

Use free time wisely – Standing at the oven waiting for cookies to bake? Do some exercises in the kitchen while you’re waiting. Or, see how many times you can run up and down the steps before the timer goes off. Think of fun games to play with yourself to make it more fun.

Just move – Even if you’re not motivated enough to get far from the couch, try using open floor space. Put on your favorite music, and move in whatever way you can. This often leads to a more productive, enjoyable, and longer workout that you didn’t see coming. The body sometimes craves movement, so it produces hormones and energy to keep you wanting to move for a while longer.

Spring will be back, just hold on a few more months and it will feel like we’re all alive again! We’ll be sure to welcome the sunshine when it is here to stay a while.

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