There are many different causes of back pain, and it could be in any part of your back.

Sometimes it is caused by poor body position during exercise or lifting. You could get pain by sitting in a slouched position for too long at your desk or on the couch.

Regardless of the cause, this article should help you care for your back and reduce or prevent pain. Before trying the tips below, speak to your doctor to be sure your back pain isn’t a serious medical issue.

Tips For Caring For Back Pain:

  • Within the first 48 hours of experiencing pain, ice the painful section of your back for 10-20 minutes. Place a moist towel between yourself and the ice.
  • After the first 48 hours, you may use heat to soothe the pain
  • Do some mild stretches in sitting and standing positions
  • Lay on the floor and try to straighten out your back. Do some light, gentle movements such as bringing your bent legs up toward your chest.

Tips For Avoiding Back Pain:

  • Learn how to properly lift by using your legs to lift as often as you are able.
  • Avoid bending over with your back straight up in the air. You should lift things with a straight posture whenever possible.
  • Bring the weight you are carrying as close to your torso as possible.
  • Consider using your hips to place some weight and keep the stress off your back.
  • Do not make sudden intense movements that involve your back. Go slow and steady. If you must move your back quickly, make sure you take a lot of time to warm up and stretch the muscles.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles in good shape to help support your back. The weaker your core muscles, the more work your back must do.
  • Posture is key to most issues. Shoulders back, head straight, back straight.

Although these are some really effective tips for back health, there is much more to learn. Ask your chiropractor or your doctor what you can do about your back pain.

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