If you have been wondering which exercise options are most popular now, keep reading.

Whether your fitness goals have been improved, halted, or decreased during the pandemic, the information below should help you get back on track.

In addition to exercising at home becoming obviously more popular, some new technology comes into play as well. Some of the trends for 2020 in fitness are listed below.

Free Weights

The first is specific free weight training. The difference between then and now is that the previously popular strength training trend was too broad. Free weight training only has a certain set of tools, including kettlebells, weights, dumbbells, medicine balls, and barbells. This is a good kind of exercise to do alone at home while social distancing. That is, if you have the money and space to buy and store the materials. The most important thing to know about this form of exercise is you must have correct form during each exercise for it to be effective.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers, smart watches, and more are making a big difference in modern workouts. Whether you’ve just started working out or are a fitness geek, wearable technology is a great way to find out about your health and results of your workouts. In fact, you may not know that many new smart phones come with a fitness tracker. The trouble with those is that you must have the phone on your body for it to track anything. That is why wearables are popular now. They can detect your heart rate and compare it to the rates of other people doing the workout you are doing. If you enjoy some competition, that feature is for you.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

It is no surprise that this is popular today. In only 30 minutes, you can get a thorough workout including cardio, strength, or a mix. It can be done by yourself or with a class. You can attend virtual classes or look up videos online. If a fitness facility wants to be successful, it is wise that they offer HIIT to keep their members happy.

Do one of these trends sound like a fun way to get in shape? You’ll be on your way to better health before you know it!

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