Are you one of the many people that are scared of going to the chiropractor? Is this type of healthcare too new for you to be comfortable with?

Hopefully, this article will help you feel better about choosing chiropractic care to help with your health.

The following five myths about chiropractors and what you should know are below:

1. You will be forced to go there three times per week all the time – This is a myth because when you have an urgent or severe issue, you do have to attend many times per week, but only at first. It will only take two to three weeks until you can start attending your appointments less frequently. Aftercare is only 2-4 times per month, and maintenance on the issue is even less frequent.

2. You will have too many X-Rays taken and it can be harmful – This is a myth because chiropractors are good at knowing physical structures without needing to use X-rays. Although at first, you will need to have X-rays taken to see where your bones are settled.

3. They will break or crack my bones and cause damage – The sounds you hear when people get adjustments by a chiropractor is actually not what you think. It is not cracking or breaking of bones or other parts of the body. It is actually the sounds of air getting into pockets between the bones or joints. It is harmless.

4. It hurts to get adjustments – The truth is that if you feel any pain at all, it is just a brief moment of pinching. Most adjustments don’t hurt in any way, and most of them feel good. You’ll actually be more likely to experience less pain while the adjustments do what they are supposed to do.

5. Chiropractors don’t take your insurance – This is also a myth. Most health insurance companies will cover it. As time goes on, more of them include it in their list of what they cover.

If the list above has you considering trying it, call your primary doctor today to ask about trying chiropractic care.

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