We’ve all probably experienced the fear of being seen working out, sweating, breathing heavy, and being new to an exercise routine. With the past couple of months of COVID-19 lock down, many of us are kinda out of shape and wondering how we can get back to where we were before this started.

Hopefully this article will soothe your nerves and get you excited to visit the gym, either for the first time or just to get back to what you started before.

Here are some tips for reducing gym anxiety:

1. Practice some things at home first. If there is a particular move or exercise that you fear being seen doing, try it in private first. Work out the kinks, find out the proper form, and maybe practice in a mirror. Try recording yourself on video and watching it. You may not look so bad after all. Once you get used to it and feel like you are doing it right, you may not be scared to be seen doing it.

2. Find an empty room at the gym. Many gyms have private rooms that you can use to get your workout in while not being seen by everyone. Get your confidence up in a room with less people, and work your way into the full gym crowd eventually.

3. Swallow your pride. This suggestion is for all of you logical thinkers out there. Every single person that has mastered something was once a total beginner. Imagine your biggest inspirations, and realize that they, too were once a total disaster at what they do. How can you get better if you are afraid to get started? They didn’t let their fear stop them, and neither should you!

4. Take a friend or two. Many people are much more willing to do something if they have friends to support them. If your good friends are there with you, will you feel more at ease? Consider talking to some people and sincerely ask them to go to the gym with you. You will all benefit from the deal!

5. Ask an expert. Is there someone you know that does really well in their exercises and can provide some good advice for you? How about someone to reach out to that works at your local gym? They may have the perfect way to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable going to the gym and really owning your workout.

Hopefully these tips will help you consider going to the gym and getting healthy, even if you are anxious.

As always, make sure you talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any exercise routines.

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