With the new COVID-19 prevention lifestyle we have been forced into, things are changing. Not only are we unable to see our family and friends, but we can’t go to doctors appointments like we used to. You may have already made an online appointment with your doctor recently, and may wonder what to expect.

Most of us have never seen our doctors outside of their office in a face to face meeting, so here are some helpful bits of information for you.

Here is how to prepare for your next virtual doctor’s appointment:

1. What you’ll need – Make sure you have a smart phone or a good computer hooked up to internet with a webcam that works. If you don’t have a device or internet, you may need to start investing into new technology. That is, so that you are able to function during this new online life caused by that big bad virus. Perhaps look into spending your stimulus money on a new phone, internet package, or computer. It’s never too late to learn a new thing!

2. Practice first – Do a practice call or practice chat with family or friends. The platform your doctor uses will probably be different, but you should learn the basics of face time chats online. This might come in handy next time you are feeling lonely and want to see friends or family.

3. Make a list – Have you been having any new health issues, or does something need adjusted? Make a list of what you may need from your doctor. Prescription refills, new symptoms, or recurring symptoms are important to discuss. Sit down a few days before your appointment and think about what you may need to talk about.

4. Audio issues – The volume and sound may not actually work on your doctor visit. You and your doctor may be doing everything correctly but there might be sound problems. Considering how many people are seeing their doctors online now and how new these systems are, bugs might still be there and something may go wrong. If the audio doesn’t work, your doctor may hang up and call you on the phone instead. Be ready to switch to a phone call appointment.

5. Looks aren’t important – You don’t need to look good. Your doctor is also working from home, and they have probably seen you at your sickest and worst anyway. Don’t give yourself anxiety about how you look. They just need to discuss your health, this isn’t a beauty contest. Do your hair and makeup if you would like, but it isn’t necessary.

With these four simple tips, you should do very well in your first online appointment with your doctor.

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