While the impacts of the corona virus are starting to become a new normal, many people are feeling cooped up and claustrophobic in their homes.

You may be one of them, and you may be seeking some guidance on how to find relief from the stress.

The nice weather is coming and soon you and your family will play outdoors. Until then, here are quite a few things you can try at home to cure your cabin fever.

Our tips for coping during this difficult time:

1. Arts and crafts – You may or may not be artistic or good at crafts, but what better time is there to start than now? You can use just about any materials you have laying around the house, and you might surprise yourself.

2. Baking and cooking – Not only is this a great option to make healthier meals, but you will get practice with making food that tastes great. Stock up on some good seasonings and ingredients, make sure you have the right dishes and pans, and start looking up recipes!

3. Home workouts – Even if you are stuck in a small space, there are a few types of workouts you can do to help you feel better. Something as simple as jumping jacks, stretches, push-ups, or lifting some heavy books will be better than nothing.

4. Face time with friends and family – Do you have a smart phone or a good computer with internet and a web cam? Try video calling your friends and family. Make it themed, play some board games with them, or just talk about all that has been going on. They might be happy to see your face.

5. Organize and de-clutter your home – This is going to work wonders for how large you feel your home is. If you have way too many things clogging up your home, it is an excellent time to find out what you can donate or sell. You may have something to sell or donate that someone else really needs. Once you’ve cleared that out, organize the rest of your home. You won’t regret it!

Some other helpful tips are to start gardening, power wash your house or porch, clean out your car, or take your dog for a nice long walk.

These tips are sure to take the edge off of your cabin fever.

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