Perhaps the only thing more common than making New Year’s Resolutions is breaking them.  Everyone starts out with good intentions, of course. However, all too often, those sincerely-made resolutions wind up in the dust bin, not many weeks after they’re made.

If you have resolved to get fit and healthy in the new year, here are some helpful tips to help ensure you keep that resolution:

Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination

If your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight and start exercising more, don’t focus too much on your ultimate target.  Instead, break it down into bite-sized chunks, and focus on each of those in turn.  Lose two pounds this week, go to the gym at least twice.  Walk at least a mile today. Set small goals as part of your larger goal.

By focusing on the incremental steps designed to take you to your end goal, you’ll be better able to stay on task, and it will give you the opportunity to celebrate the small victories that will lead you to your ultimate goal.  Remember, getting healthy isn’t a “once and done” thing, but rather a conscious lifestyle change.

Don’t Get Discouraged

For most people, exercise isn’t fun or comfortable.  That’s why they call it a work out, rather than a play out.  It’s probably going to hurt when you start using muscles that you haven’t been using regularly.

The important thing though, is not to let that dissuade you!  If you stay at it, your body will start responding, and over time, it’ll turn into the well-oiled machine you always knew it could be. Try to find an exercise that you find to be enjoyable and exciting!

Don’t Forget Chiropractic Care

Many people only visit their chiropractor when something goes wrong or starts to hurt. Actually, regular visits to your chiropractor and a regular schedule of adjustments can help make your transition to a healthier you easier and less painful than it otherwise would be. So make that part of your New Year’s resolution, too!