You’re probably aware that you can get RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) from playing a variety of sports such as golf or tennis. Those kinds of injuries are fairly common and often talked about. What’s less commonly mentioned is the fact that the act of parenting carries its own risks, and some of your regular parenting tasks may be causing or contributing to the aches and pains you’re feeling.

Think about it for just a moment. How many times have you picked up your toddler and toted him or her around on one hip?

How many times have you hefted up your baby’s car seat and walked it, fully loaded, up or down a couple flights of stairs?

If you have an infant, both of those questions probably brought vivid images to your mind’s eye, and with good reason. They’re incredibly commonplace, and unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on your body.
At the root, the problem comes down to one of posture.

Think back to the example of carrying a child on one hip, while you’re walking through a store, for example. That extra weight added to one side of your body causes you to be off balance. You compensate by adjusting your position to accommodate the child, but your body is simply not accustomed to being aligned that way, and because of that, it won’t take long before walking like that causes stiffness and soreness.

The same is true of our second example, carrying a heavy child carrier up and down one or more flights of steps. All the weight is out in front of you, which puts tremendous strain on your neck and shoulders, which again, over time, can lead to chronic pain. Who knew that proper posture was such an important part of good parenting?

If you find yourself suffering from RSI’s because of acts such as these, there’s good news. The problem is entirely fixable, and your chiropractor can give you tips and guidance on how to properly perform those tasks without straining your muscles or mucking up your posture.