Each year, more than two million Americans visit the ER to have injuries sustained via slips and falls treated. Millions more go untreated, which is unfortunate, because although the vast majority of falls don’t present any outward signs of trauma, that doesn’t mean that no damage has occurred.

As with any injury, the best practice is to treat any slip or fall seriously and at least have a medical or chiropractic evaluation. A trained professional can take X-rays and evaluate the full extent of the injury, recommending a treatment plan that will get you on your feet and have you back to 100% much more quickly than simply taking matters into your own hands.

The sad reality is that in most cases, when someone suffers from a fall, they simply guess at what treatment might be best. Just as often, people simply try to “walk it off” and hope for the best. That can work in some cases, but it’s worth the time and effort to get your injury checked out by a professional.

In terms of chiropractic treatments, the two most common are therapeutic massage and chiropractic adjustment. Once your chiropractor has had a chance to perform a thorough evaluation, they can recommend the right treatment for you and greatly speed your healing process.

While this is always a good idea, it’s’ especially important where older people are concerned. The elderly often can’t bounce back from injury as quickly as they once did, and a fall you may have shrugged off in your 30’s or 40’s can really set you back in your 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s. It’s simply not worth the risk!

All that to say, any time you suffer from any kind of slip or fall, it pays to have it checked out right away. While it’s possible that no serious damage was done, it’s also possible that your inaction can lead to much more serious problems later.