If you’ve been struggling with ulcerative colitis, read this story!

“Meeting Smita Naram was a life-changing event for me. I met Vaidya Naram in March 2015, after my colon had been removed in an emergency procedure because of chronic ulcerative colitis. When I came to her and Dr. Mitchell I was living with a J-pouch, still experiencing big-time pain after eating and a lot of inflammation. I was taking several pharmaceutical meds including antibiotics and antidiarrheal drugs, and my goal was to get off all of the meds because of the side effects.

Jim Friedrich (2)Today at 57-years-old, I have never felt better! I have as much energy as I had in my 20s, and I attribute my full recovery to Vaidya Naram’s herbal formulas and dietary recommendations: no red meat, only fresh fish, no gluten, no tomatoes, no raw food, and no dairy except for fresh yogurt. She also recommended pomegranate juice. 

After two weeks I was cutting back on antibiotics. Within six weeks I was off antibiotics completely. Within two months I was off all prescription drugs. And I’m still off all of the meds 16 months later. I continue to take the herbal formulas and I remain vigilant about my diet. Vaidya Naram brought me to a fantastic point. I’m so happy that I came in that day to meet her. I only wish I’d met her years earlier!”

~ Jim Friedrich, Apex, NC

If Jim had come to me earlier in his struggle with colitis, he most likely would still have his colon today. Vaidya Naram and I have worked with  hundreds of patients to help them recover completely from colitis and many other debilitating health problems. The recovery does reqiure your willing participation because changing your diet is part of the process. But you can ask Jim…it’s worth the effort to be restored to vibrant health!

I’ll be hosting another special pulse evaluation clinic with Vaidya Naram Saturday and Sunday,
March 4-5, 2017.  Vaidya Smita Naram is one of the most renowned masters of Ayurveda from India, a true pulse master, who can evaluate the energetic imbalances that cause many acute and chronic health problems. It is possible to end a lifetime of suffering and re-engage in life with vitality and joy! Call 919-785-2200 today to make an appointment and begin your journey of recovery.

Wishing you vibrant health!

Dr. Tom Mitchell