how-toIt can happen to the best of us. Studies have shown that as many as one person in five suffers from seasonal depression. Even if you don’t have full-blown depression, a mild touch of the wintertime blues is no fun to deal with.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to shake off the blues and get out of the doldrums! Below are some helpful tips and recommendations.

Treat The Cold As An Opportunity!

When the weather turns cold and the streets and sidewalks get icy, even simple tasks like checking the mail can turn into daunting challenges. The best way to deal with those challenges is one bite at a time. Turn them into a game, and when you’re done, since they are games after all, treat yourself!

Indulge in a Netflix binge, or a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate by the fire. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for the last several weeks and lose yourself for a while. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Group Therapy

One of the catalysts of seasonal depression is isolation. It’s easy to become isolated when the weather turns cold, because everybody just wants to stay inside, so why not stay inside together?

Turn it into a party! Catch up with friends. Have dinners, or maybe a game night. Use the time as an opportunity to reconnect and deepen the bonds of friendship you have, rather than drawing away from people.

Get Up And Move

And finally, take the fun outdoors. When you were a kid, you probably built magnificent snow forts and had epic snowball fights, so why not relive those memories with your adult friends. Then, after the winter fun, head back inside for some hot soup and great conversation.

The bottom line is that wintertime doesn’t have to be a misery. You can make it fun!